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Senior 3D Artist, Lead Artist, Senior Environment Artist, Vehicle Artist, Hard-surface Artist, 3D Generalist, CG Artist, 3D Animator, 3D Artist, Artista 3D Generalista, Diseñador de videojuegos, desarrollador de videojuegos, Video Games Designer, Monóvar, Alicante, España, Valencia, Spain, California, Netherlands, Florida, EU, USA, Europe

About Artist

Hi, my name is Isaac Martin and I am an artist who loves create. I am hardworker, always wanting to learn more. I like challenges, I think them are a way to overcome me. As founder, I'm leading the little team of Dinamita Works, developing Adroneline - The Game. After compete in Play Station Talents Awards 2017, finished being finalists with Nomination to Best Competitive Online Video Game.

Take a look to my Demo Reels on my YouTube channel:


Team Lead, 3D Artist

Team Lead, 3D Artist

Dinamita Works

Leading "Dinamita Works" team, working on "Adroneline - The Game". Duties of Game design, level design, game mechanics, 3D art, direction and production with my 7 people team encuraging teamwork.

Created 3D environments, drones and different assets (modelling, uv mapping, texturing and exporting to Unreal Engine). Taking the decisions of almost every aspect of art and design of the game.

Lead 3D Artist

Lead 3D Artist


Design of a video game of the company brand. A pinball game was developed.

Design, modelling, UV, texturing of pinball tables. Having think in game mechanics for the tables design before modeling.

Helping to other department designing an smarhpone/tablet app for children. Design of UI and menus flow.

Owner / Senior Computer Technician

Owner / Senior Computer Technician

OWN / Other Companies

Worked as a Computer technician along many years. In 2001 I created a computers and consoles shop (selling, repairing, configuring equipments).

Untill I was reinvented and converted to the video games industry.

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