During my career I have played several roles, as 2D/3D Artist, Producer, Game Designer or short film director, with relevant experience and multiple skills. My skill set is mainly focused on art: modelling, sculpting, texturing and lookdev, more inclined towards hard-surface although qualified for organic modelling, as well as team and project management skills.  Driven to grow, learn and output only my best, chasing both professional and personal goals. Highly committed to my work which is also my passion: videogames.

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3D Modeling     Digital Sculpting     Hard Surface Modeling     Environment Modeling     Vehicle Modeling  Weapon Modeling     Prop Modeling     Texturing     PBR Materials     Lighting     Particle Systems     UV Mapping    Retopology     High and low poly modeling     Level Design       Unreal Engine       Team and Project Management        Organisation    Team work     Communication         Concept Art       3D animation

Software Proficiency

3ds MAX

3ds Max

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine



World Machine

World Machine

UV Layout

UV Layout

Adobe Photoshop


Substance Painter

Substance Painter




Substance Designer



Marmoset Toolbag

Marmoset Toolbag



Key Software Skills

3D Modeling
Materials and Textures
UV Mapping
High to Low poly
Particle systems
Level Design
3D Animation
3ds Max
UV Layout
Unreal Engine
Marmoset Toolbag



· Bachelor of Arts in Video Game Design And Development – Specialization: Art

ESNE | University School of Design, Innovation and Technology. (2011 – 2017)

Degree Final Project Calification: 9,3 / 10

Development and launching of several mobile videogames for Android and Windows Phone.

· Degree of Superior Technician in Computer Science.

IES Caparrella (2015 – 2000)


LEAD ARTIST   (Personal Project)                                                  Mar. 2018 – 2020

Production of the 3D animated short film «Droneworld» as director, Lead Artist, and 3D animator. Concept art, sketches and storyboard of the scenes. Modelling and texturing of characters, props and environments / scenes. Setting up scenarios and scene rendering. Team management.

Achievements: Award-winnings and nominations in several festivals, and acquisition of
experience in audiovisual production

GAME DESIGNER, Freelance   (Boombox)                            May. 2018 – Jun.  2018

Specific commission of design of two video games for smartphone with integration with Alexa
and Google Home including blockchain technology. Tasks: Market study, operation research
and skills of both technologies, blockchain research, game design, screen flow, UI, look and
feel, monetization, mechanics and presentation to customer.

Achievements: Delivering in one month of the designs with all games documentation ready
for production (GDD, CDD, HCD).

LEAD ARTIST / GAME DESIGNER   (Dinamita Works)                Oct. 2016 – Mar. 2018

Team Leader of the studio. Development of “ADroneLine”. As unique artist, I created all art of
the entire game: drones, props, environments, assets, particle systems, materials and the
implementation in Unreal Engine, from scratch to achieve a playable demo. Also, mechanics,
game design as well as the team management.

Achievements: Nomination in PlayStation Talents Awards 2017 for Best Competitive Online
Videogame. Playable demo of the videogame with very good reviews from the players.

2D/3D ARTIST (BRB Internacional / Screen 21)                      Sept. 2013 – Jul. 2014

I started when I was still a student. Invent, design and develop a video game (working with
another internship programmer). Concept Art, 3D modeling, uvmapping and texturing of all
video game objects. Creation of all art, game design and mechanics.

Achievements: Completion of the game art, problem solving learning by myself and collaboration with
other departments.